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Further Information

Social programme

You will get the detailed programme on Sunday evening, during the introductory meeting which will take place after the dinner. Except for the scientific programme, we have also social part of the school. We plan a pub session on Monday after the dinner. We will go to a local pub next to the local brewery (it is also possible to visit the brewery itself, we will fix it later). The Tuesday afternoon will be free of lectures, we offer you a visit of the castle Český Šternberk. We will go there by train and we may return either by train or walk back along the Sázava river (approximately 10 kilometers). In case you want to join us, please do not forget to take appropriate shoes. The conference dinner is planned for Thursday evening.

The technical support

There will be an internet wifi connection at the conference place. However, the place is in "the middle of the forests" and the way the internet connection is brought to the hotel is rather complicated "wireless-from-the-next-village-over-the-hill" connection. Therefore the internet connection is not quick enough, although should be faster than two years ago. It surely suffices for the common mailing or browsing usage, but it is not suitable for the large data transfer or e.g. 50 Skype calls at the same time. We will also have a printer, a copy machine, laptop, beamer.

Papers, Preprints, Reprints

It is a tradition of the school to organize an "Exhibition of publications of participants" during the school. For that reason please do not forget to bring along preprints/reprints of your work or even the books (all of them not necessarily recent) to Paseky. Everybody will get a "mailbox" in the conference place, where he/she can exhibit his/her papers or books to make them accessible for other participants during the conference time.

Short communications

The participants of the conference can present their results in a form of a (very) short communication. The length of these communications will be set to approximately 8 minutes plus 1-2 minutes discussion. The participants can use data projector (beamer), which will be available at the place. There will be a laptop connected to the beamer, running on Windows, with Power Point, ps (Ghostscript) and pdf (Adobe Acrobat) viewers, and USB slot. You can also bring along your own laptop to be connected to the beamer. In that case please note that the beamer has only analog (VGA) input, not the digital one.

Confirmation documents

Each participant will be given the receipt of paying the conference fee at the conference place. If necessary, you can get this also in advance - please contact the organizers. Also, the official confirmation of participation (and the letter confirming that he/she had a short communication lecture) could be obtained at the conference place, as well as any other kind of receipt or confirmation. All these may be prepared to your request at the conference place.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Prague and at Kácov!